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El Paso LED Retrofit Largest in the Nation


The CITY OF EL PASO LED RETROFIT is a 33,300 LED streetlight retrofit and is the largest project of it’s kind in the nation.

Working as a subcontractor for Johnson Controls Lighting division on this project is a big undertaking for the FSG New Mexico branch. The project is not without it’s challenges.

Each pole light is given a Unique ID number by Trans Map, using GPS coordinates. Then each U-ID number is transfered to the installation crews.

The locations are logged into the system which keeps track of several pices of information including type of existing fixture, fixture retrofitted, and multiple input fields with the technical data for each location.

The original system was not designed to track this large number of pole light locations. In working through the challenges, we found it to be a test of our local support staff. But we worked hard at it and now understand how everything is pulled over and recorded.

The JCI project manager said “You guys are the experts on this system now, and we would benefit by using FSG in other markets“. I feel confident that we now have control of the data input and recording phase of the project and am look forward to starting PHASE B in MAY.

With all the support we get in this market from the FSG corporate office, it really makes projects like this much easier to manage. We look forward to continued success in New Mexico and for our new FSG El PASO PURE branch 18 which will open new doors for FSG into the entire SW region.



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