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FSG California Gives People The Green Light to Go!

We’ve all experienced that awkward moment when you walk into a public restroom and see all the stall doors closed.

Experience tells you that more than likely one of those stalls is empty, but the problem is figuring out which one it is— and this is where it gets weird! 

I mean think about it for a moment—there really is no dignified way to find the empty stall in a public restroom.  You either have to knock on each stall door and risk disrupting that stalls occupant and embarrassing yourself.  Or you have to do the “crouch of desperation”—that hunched over walk where you look under each stall door, but you try to make it look like you aren’t looking under each stall door!

It’s a real problem in our society, but fortunately, smarter minds than mine, came up with a solution for this very real conundrum and the best part is that it involves lighting!!!!

Tooshlights was developed to help facilities with highly trafficked restrooms manage the traffic flow in those restrooms a bit better—well at least to the extent that mother nature will allow.

The Tooshlight system is comprised of a smart latch sensor and overhead LED light.  When the latch is locked—the light is red.  When the latch is unlocked—the light is green. 

The result for stall users is no more embarrassing crouches or interrupting door knocks.  The result for a business is better utilization of all the stalls which can result in shorter lines and quicker “pit stops” for their patrons.

The FSG California Team and Tooshlights recently put the Tooshlights system to the ultimate test by installing the system in a set of restrooms at LAX’s Terminal 4.  This is one of the busiest terminals in America and, as a result, has some of the busiest airport restrooms in America.  The goal for LAX is to help manage restroom traffic more efficiently while also giving their customers a less stressful restroom experience.

Read more about this project in USA Today 

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