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Spotlight Awards Q1 2018

The Customer Care Center  (CCC) has announced their Spotlight Awards for the 1st   Quarter of 2018.

The CCC Spotlight Award is a quarterly recognition program which is voted on by the members of the CCC.  The goal of the program is to “shine the spotlight” on those who are doing the most to help the CCC provide a great customer experience for our clients around the country.

Our winners and nominees for Q1, 2018 are:


Shelly Abbitt – ALA

She is a breath of fresh air when it comes to ALA.  Extremely helpful and responsive.  Keeps me in the loop with what is going on with orders.  She sends over order acknowledgements with ESD included and then when the order ships (even partially) she sends over tracking information!  Truly great customer service. Night and day difference in the level of customer service I am receiving now.

Daniel Thomas (CCC Team 1)

He always does a great job. He always surprises me with his ability and never tells me he can’t do something. He has really stepped up and taken on a lot with the changes and has excelled at all of the new tasks he has been given.

Cecil Chavez (CCC Team 2)

He is always willing to help and always has the want to learn more about new accounts and procedures.  He’s a great team member and a pleasure to work with. I greatly appreciate his calm attitude and quick wit.  He has been so helpful over the past few weeks and is so willing to help out.  A true team player.

Ricky Sipes (CCC Team 3)

He has been a great team member to CCC3.  Willing to learn new things and always offers to help when and wherever he can.  Super positive attitude even when there is a lot going on. Gives everything he has everyday to learn the job.  Accepts new challenges head on. He has a great attitude and is eager to learn new things.

Juan Ortiz (MDC930)

He has taken over as team lead for small parcel and is on his way to making small parcel a very strong team. He also kept warehouse returns until we could get the new folks recruited and trained. Juan is now transitioning the warehouse returns duties over to Chuck while maintaining his lead role in small parcel.

Mia Ferguson (Solutions Team)

She really is willing to help when she can, to get something completed, especially in a time crunch.  There have been times recently where she has known I’ve been swamped and has offered to take care of things for me just to help me and get the job done.  At the end of the day we (FSG) are ALL one team, and I think Mia has done a good job of recognizing that and acting that way. Mia has done a great job helping build unity within Division 90.  Great attitude and spirit of teamwork


Melissa Ocanas (CCC Team 2) – Melissa always demonstrates a great FSG spirit, wonderful attitude, enthusiasm for her work, and provides such a high level of customer service.  She’s a great asset to the team!

Melina Brueggemann (Acuity) – She has been very involved with the Simon account since she has taken over the role.  She pushes her team to get things done and I can always count on calling her in an emergency and she will do whatever she can to help us out.

Debbie West (MDC930) – She offers a wealth of system knowledge.  A great team player always willing to lend a helping hand.

Jason Dembosz (MDC970) – He has always been a huge help concerning any orders out of 970. I can always count on him and the entire team there. He pays close attention to detail and is always willing to assist.

Rachel Booth (CCC Team 4) – Rachel has stepped up as a leader.  She has a great attitude and is always willing to help others. She finds solutions and stays positive throughout.

Craig Applegate (FSG Indianapolis)  – The guys works hard up in Indy, and he is really been turning business around up there.

Jennifer Xiong & Phil Garcia (Archipelago) – My nomination would go to the Archipelago team who helped after Tiffany left.  They have followed up and updated me and many times overnighted & got Cracker Barrel their lamps to finish the project.

Margaret Richardson (CCC Team 5) – Margaret has done a wonderful job taking on the new team lead position.  Her communication to our team has been top notch and you can just feel how much she cares about all of us succeeding. The team lead position looks good on her.

Karrie Owen (Cinemark) – Karrie is a pleasure to work with.  She has always been very friendly and never has had an issue with me asking questions on any of her POs and is willing to help me out when I need more information with one of her sites.

Chris Dembosz (MDC970) – I am nominating Chris for his unerring patience whenever I need assistance.  He is always happy to answer questions and is quick to respond with needed information.  Communicating with him is always a pleasure.

Connie Golightly (CCC Team 1) – This girl will do whatever we need.  She’s fantastic team player and always wants to know more.

Tara Visker (CCC Team 3) – Her work ethic and diligence is truly astonishing.  She works from the moment she walks in until most of the company has gone home, and will not quit until everything is done.  She truly sets the example and emboldens me to work just as hard as she does. She has been an amazing team lead.  She’s had to balance training us on projects while she is still taking care of all of her own work.  She has been super patient while we’re learning and has given us every resource we need to succeed.  She’s making sure we’re getting the most out of the “everyone knows how to do everything” aspect of the transition.

Sherie Mitchell (NAC Service) – She is a hard worker.  Sherie puts a lot of care into her work and has great customer service skills.

Melody Farahmand (NAC Reception) – Melody has been a great addition to FSG. Works hard at what she is given to do.  Always has a smile and a great attitude.

Ron Dunn (CCC Team 3) – He has been really open and excited to learning projects and MRO side.  Sometimes people who have been doing the same things everyday for a long time get comfortable and that causes them to not be open to change but Ron definitely has been.

Courtney Goerner (CCC Team 2) – She has done an amazing job leading and structuring our team.  Very proud to have her for our Team Lead.

Nathan Smith (FSG Dallas) – He’s doing a great job taking on more & more.  He consistently does a great job at engaging with our team.

Mel Arcilla (ALA) – I appreciate his quick responses to any/all emails that I send over.  It has been a marked improvement since he started handling our account.

Mark Johnson (FSG San Antonio) – He is always wiling to help in anything that he can, loves to give me a hard time but he will always be my GO TO GUY!

Albert Fuentes (FSG Houston) – He is always ready to ship my orders out even if it is late, he tries his best.

Gary Loeffel  (TCP Rep San Antonio) – Gary always gets back to me in a timely manner regarding POs. He is easy to get a hold of and ready to jump on anything that you need.

Johnny Carranza ( Acuity/Juno) – Johnny is consistently helpful whether it is to expedite requests or technical questions he always assists in finding solutions.  If he does not have the answer he makes sure that FSG is put in contact with someone who does.  He never hands off anything Juno/Starbucks related.  Johnny has also been very helpful with the SBUX warranties.   He is very quick in getting RGAs back to me and getting replacement material shipped to the tech or customer.  He has made the warranty orders very easy for us to process.

NAC Service Team 7 (Holly Amos , Allyson Johnigan, Sandra Vongchanh and Brooke Beem) – They are all clear, concise, and consistent in all of their requests. The way their team sends over requests for an order should be best practice for all of the service teams.  It is a fantastic bullet proof system.

Tosha Chambers (NAC Service) – Tosha is amazing, she always has her requests put together with as much information as possible. She has done a great job in communicating exactly what the tech needs for his/her work orders. She is always willing to go back to the tech for more information and is very understanding when I do not have an exact answer for her.

Lindsey Whisler (CCC Team 1)– Lindsey has done a great job re-organizing her team and keeping it performing well in spite of a very heavy work load.  Amazing work on some of our largest accounts.

Wes McIntire (CCC Team 2) – He is eager to jump in and help and is very knowledgeable about products and always available and eager to answer questions. Wes is the kind of PM that believes a customer who is treated well and kept informed will find no reason to shop for other lighting resources.  Great attention to detail and knowledge of all things FSG.  He is a true team player and is always ready to share his knowledge and experience with anyone that asks for his help.

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