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FSG Comes Together

IKEA’s newest location has FSG locations coming together easier than their BILLY bookcase.

Left to right: David West-NAC Service Coordinator, Felix Gonzalez-FSGE 10 Dispatcher, Chris Perez-FSGE 10 Service Manager, Steven Smith-NAC Team Lead 

When IKEA comes to town it is a big deal for not only the local community, but other commercial retailers as well as the vendor partners they have entrusted to keep their mega-sites running like well oiled machines. FSG currently serves 24 out of IKEA’s 39 US locations with a handful covered by local FSG branches including FSGE 11 in KS, FSGE 15 in CO, FSGE 17 in AZ , FSGE 20 in Austin, FSGE 28 in FL, FSGE 30 Dallas and FSGE 40 Houston. Serving IKEA is no easy task; each site has unique needs and processes. Locations can be anywhere from 290,000 SQ ft. to just under 500,000 SQ ft. They are so big you can use Google Maps to navigate in them.  They are constantly “resetting” the floor and their daily scope of work is simply stated “need two electricians for x amount days, 8 hours each day.” Our field electricians our expected to show up and work. Larger projects can be anywhere from adding panels to installing lightening protection. 

When they awarded us one of the newest locations in Live Oak, TX we were excited to start serving. Not because it added another site to our portfolio, but because it is going to be handled by Chris Perez’s Team FSGE 10 in San Antonio.  Chris did not hesitate to make time for he and his dispatcher, Felix Gonzalez, to team up with NAC to do the initial site walk. David West, the NAC Service Coordinator, and Steven Smith, NAC Team Lead, flew down to facilitate the introduction and assist in reviewing the unique service needs for this site.

This show of support went a long way with Brian Jennette, IKEA FM. During the site walk, he mentioned an incident with a national provider for fire alarms where they couldn’t show up to an Emergency call for at least 24 hours. He was encouraged that FSG operated as a team and had local branches to serve the Nation Account contracts. We are FSG! 

IKEA Live Oak: 289,000 Sq ft will serve as the corner store for LIVE Oak Town Center with another 500,000 sq ft in retail space to be added. 

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