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FSG CST Survey Results In!


by Jeff Blasdell, TD&C

51 Technicians took part in a survey…

that was made part of the FSG Certified Service Technician course, located inside the FSG Learning Library.  I found a few of them quite interesting.

One question refers to the assessments that were given at the end of each course module. Just for grins, I wanted to highlighting what I consider to be the best, and the worst, review of those assessments.

I thought the whole system works great. I have been with FSG for over a year and it brought up many points I was not aware of like the work orders life cycle. I have completed the certified service tech before, one of two in our division that have completed the whole sytsem. It is very exciting to have all this information accessible to the employees, I cant wait to go through the whole system.”

boring and an insult to my intelligence. the assessments was a slap in my face as if i didnt know all of this my first week on the job“.

Someone was apparently not impressed. If you’re interested in reading the rest of our Technician’s responses, click Here to download.

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