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FSG Family Stories, Paula Erickson

FSG takes pride in it’s employees and recognizes that for almost all of the nearly 2000 FSG team members, family is a significant driving force, if not the driving force when it comes to their commitment to excellence in their profession.

At FSG we like to take every opportunity we can to acknowledge, not only our dedicated employees, but also the people that matter to them the most. This article shares the story of one such person. 

Paula Erickson is more than a medical caregiver – she’s a hope giver. Paula, wife of FSG’s Eric Erickson, is a respiratory specialist at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital at Rahway, in Rahway, New Jersey. In this video, see how Paula’s dedication and caring nature inspire her patients and give them hope, even in the direst of situations.

FSG is proud of our family of employees, and we’re also proud of our employees’ families. Paula Erickson is a shining example of humane compassion, and also a shining example of the values that we at FSG hold dear. Eric is incredibly proud of Paula and her work, and we are so happy that they are both part of the FSG family.

Click Here to watch this excellent video produced by the communications team at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital.

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