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FSG Welcomes Roger Jennings

FSG is excited to welcome Roger Jennings to our team.

 Mr. Jennings is based out of Austin, Texas, and is launching our National Solar Division as the Director of FSG Solar.  

FSG Solar now provides our commercial and industrial customers with high quality solar energy solutions that provide them a renewable alternative to high cost utility power. In most areas, solar power is less expensive than traditional sources. FSG Solar is a turnkey engineering, procurement and construction provider of clean energy that is good for the environment and great for the bottom line.   

Roger Jennings received his Bachelors of Science from University of Texas in Mechanical Engineering and then worked at MCI where he received a patent for developing a testing procedure for chip manufacturing. Energy production has always interested Roger and he started ten years ago installing solar on houses and quickly moved to general manager of the largest solar company in Texas. He also spent years teaching advanced solar design at Austin Community College to electricians and designers alike.  Roger and his wife enjoy spending time outdoors with his two young daughters, Chloe and Amelia. Roger’s goal is to leverage his years of experience and knowledge to build a world class solar division at FSG.      


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