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FSG in The Sunshine State!

FSG is excited to announce the addition of FSG Florida.

Lead by Victor Williams, the FSG Florida team offices in the Tampa area with lighting and electrical services being offered across the state. 

Ryan Openshaw serves as operations manager and organizes a team of up to 15 as each team member does their part to grow FSG’s presence in this exciting market.


Equipped with new trucks and a professional and inviting office space, FSG Florida is ready for business and has already experienced a warm welcome in the sunshine state.


With a focus in lighting and electrical service, the team is breaking into the tight nit Florida market and already starting to see some success in the form of invitations to compete for prestigious projects in retail and medical science sectors.


When asked if FSG Florida plans to expand its product and service offerings, Victor Williams replied, “We promote it all, every time we can!” alluding to the idea that as FSG Florida grows so will the opportunities in the other disciplines FSG offers. 


FSG Florida joins a small group of FSG branches opened recently in the new era of centralized distribution. Relying on the MDC for order fulfillment, FSG Florida opens its doors without a major product distribution business onsite. This new approach has been received well overall by the FSG customer base in Florida.


 Concerning their reliance on the MDC for order fulfillment, Victor Williams says this “There are some customers who still say “well I can get it same day with the other guy”. But for the most part we’ve been able to answer the challenge with next day product delivery.  We still have the ability to get product same day every now and then for customers really need it, but it’s not our focus.”


The Florida market is an exciting market.  With big opportunities in the hospitality and dining sectors, FSG is uniquely positioned to provide a number of solutions to challenges facing Florida businesses.  When asked what is the one thing you want everyone to know about FSG Florida, Victor Williams says, “We are here and we are ready for the work!”


Congratulation to Victor, Ryan, and the entire FSG Florida team on this incredible opportunity.  FSG looks forward to a long and prosperous future in Florida and beyond!


To learn more about FSG Florida, contact Victor Williams.






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