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FSG Professional Selling Course

Bernie Erickson is presenting an 8-week, 1-hour per week, course titled FSG Professional Selling. 

Bernie Erickson (div14 in Jersey) has been described as one of FSG’s most dynamic and exciting speakers. 

The course will consist of role plays, quizzes, case write-ups and more. The following is taken from the course. 

One of the more important skills for both inside and outside sales is the ability to interact well in interpersonal contacts and communicate persuasively to sales and non-sales personnel. Effective persuasion and relationship building requires an understanding of key communication principles and development of skills to implement those principles. These skills are essential for those who make careers in sales. In addition to improving your selling skills, this course has specific objectives in terms of increasing your knowledge base of professional selling and the management of personal selling.”  

He will cover topics from the book called ABC’s of Relationship Selling. ABC’s of Relationship Selling, trains readers on a specific, yet generic, step-by-step selling process that is universal in nature. This new edition presents a sales process, or system, in a logical sequence; from planning and the approach, to closing and follow-up for exceptional customer service. 

The meeting will broadcast live as a webinar that includes live video. It will be broadcast each week starting March 14th. You will also have an opportunity to send in your questions to Bernie via anonymous chat. If you’re interested in attending the live webinar, just send an email to [email protected] to receive your invitation and link to the meeting.

A professionally produced video will be made at the conclusion of the course and will be available upon request.



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