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P2P – Warehouse / Purchasing

P2P – Warehouse / Purchasing February 2012
After reviewing the status of open topics, we discussed the various means and methods of tracking company tools, we will look into the feasibility of integrating bar-coding tool numbers for tracking company tools.  We also discussed a company that (FSG 20 – Austin) uses to refurbish / re-certify (ANSI) ladders.  Bill McCart FSG 20, forwarded contact information for Laddie the Ladder Man.  Jaime Villarreal has reviewed the work performed by this company and has deemed this work as acceptable and the branches can use these services to repair damaged or broken ladders.  We also discussed exchange programs that some tool vendors have for trading in older / damaged tools.  Many tool companies will give a discount / trade in for new tools.  We also reminded the group that we need to continue scanning to Max Recall  invoices and information for large vehicle maintenance records.  We forwarded an updated list of NAC Customers with their respective NAC Teams so that if there are questions regarding shipments for specific customers.
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