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P2P – Service Dispatcher February 2012

P2P – Service Dispatcher  February 2012

After a brief update on the NAC Work Order Flow Chart, we discussed the need for each dispatcher to evaluate their own individual responsibility to maintain good notes in GUI.  We reviewed anonymous work orders that demonstrated good notes and notes that were … well… lets just say… “lacking”.  Stacy pointed out what it was that was good about the work orders that we look at as well as deficiencies in the other samples we reviewed.  He also gave pointers as to some techniques that he personally used to record notes on work orders.  ((When he was a dispatcher).  We reiterated that the benefits of maintaining good notes included: less phone calls and emails from NAC Expediters, timely communication with customers (happier customers), better work order documentation (less opportunity for unnecessary loss of time due to forgetting something), better relationship with NAC (less frustration).  All things considered, it is a win – win situation when we encourage and strive for open clear, complete, timely communication.  

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