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P2P – Small Project PM February 2012

This month’s discussion revolved around  the differences in responsibilities of each small job pm as well as the variety of work that is handled from branch to branch.  The bulk of work for some branches is comprised of lighting retrofits, other has a mix of electrical work to lighting retrofits.  Some small job pm’s handle only electrical projects with no lighting retrofits.  One branch may consider a one million + dollar airport terminal remodel job as a small project, while other project managers handle up to 15 or 20 lighting retrofits at a time.  All of this is a reminder of FSG’s diversity as well as the strength and challenges that come from handling this wide range of scope.   We talked through the specifics of job turn over procedures, and logistical delegation of the various responsibilities.  Obviously, the scope of work and available resources dictate how each branch assigns these duties.  Great participation and input from all.  
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