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P2P – Construction PM February 2012

P2P – Construction PM  February 2012.

Today we focused most of our time looking into variables that affect production on job sites.  We used a current example of a project that had 5 separate buildings.  Two were identical, (literally).  One did very well on budgets, the other… well, not quite as good. 

Since the PM did a great job with production tracking, we were able to look at production data on each of the two building, and see where the two job’s varied on a cost code by cost code basis. This, along with other job specific information helped to draw a clear conclusion as to why one job did better than the other.  Each participant offered their insight and perspective of the comparison.

This was a tremendous expression of the value of the P2P collaborative forum.  We were able to draw from the wealth of knowledge and experience of the entire group to evaluate and diagnose an issue of concern.

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