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P2P – CAD Designers February 2012

P2P – CAD Designers  February 2012
February’s discussion revolved around the use of ipad or android tablets to communicate CAD info to the guys in the field.  Mike Galvan (DE40) has been using his Ipad along with WS software to make available drawings that can be retrieved and viewed in the field.  One benefit to using WS application is that the person using the tablet can determine dimensions immediately in the field without contacting the CAD designer.  Mike has been able to use this device when in job meetings, and or walking the job with the superintendent.  Some changes can be made while on site (on the ipad) that can be uploaded and integrated to the CAD drawings.  This tool is still being evaluated under various scenarios, so far it has proved to be a tremendous improvement in providing real time info to the field.  Stay tuned for more details to come.
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