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FSG’s Triple C Team Gives Back

Wanting to extend their “service” culture to new areas, the members of the Customer Care Center (CCC) and Master Distribution Center (MDC) 930 were searching for a team building activity of a different kind. 

Instead of usual team building activities like going to a local sporting event or attending a happy hour, NACMRO Team Lead Courtney Fletcher came up with the idea of bringing the CCC/MDC team together to give back to the community around the holidays.  Courtney proposed the idea of serving the families at the Ronald McDonald House (RMH) by volunteering to cook and serve meals for the families staying at the Dallas RMH.

 The idea proved to be very popular with CCC/MDC team members.  Originally the thought was to serve one meal, but there were so many volunteers they were able to volunteer to cook and serve all three meals in one day and undertake an evening activity for the children – making and decorating gingerbread houses.  After coordinating with the staff at RMH, Courtney realized that December 23rd was a completely open date on the RMH calendar and the project was born.

Courtney divided the volunteers up into four teams.  Lauren Preston (Lighting Projects) led the breakfast team, consisting of Nikki Myrick, Barbara Garrett, Tara Visker, Margaret Byrne, Nikki Hart, Lindsey Rosen, Kellie Yeats, Mia Ferguson, and Mia’s husband Tim.  Debbie West (MDC930) organized the lunch crew of Adriana Trevino, Andrea West, Garry Ransom, Kelli Marchant, Stacy Gerlach, and Bobby Davis.  Lindsey Whisler (NACMRO) was the leader of the dinner crew which included Megan Wheeldon, Tim Kirby, Diana Gonzalez, Alicia Renstrom, Ron Dunn, Cecil Chavez, PaMee Vang and Courtney Fletcher.  Courtney herself took the lead with the evening activity and was supported by Chelsea Rivera, Rachel Booth, CJ Oliver, Crissty Carrington, Alicia Renstrom, Lindsey Whisler, and Diana Gonzalez.  Each team took great pride in preparing and serving a wonderful meal, cheerily greeting the families and adding some holiday cheer to people who needed a lift during the holiday season.

 The CCC/MDC volunteers came away from the activity thankful for the blessings in their lives and grateful for the opportunity to serve others. Volunteering not only was a privilege but a learning experience. NAC MRO team member Diana Gonzalez; “Being there as a support and distraction for the kids as well as their families was so rewarding. Having them open up and talk about their experiences and what they have gone through…it felt as if you are a part of something greater. They are able to confide in a stranger, and I felt I had the opportunity to offer comfort and re-assurance from another perspective. This is an amazing organization helping families of all kinds at an incredibly difficult time, and also positively affecting the people who have the opportunity to work there.”

Based on the very positive feedback from this project, the CCC/MDC team is considering making this a recurring event, joining companies like Southwest Airlines with regularly scheduled RMH support throughout the year. Local MRO team member Alicia Renstrom; “I’m so grateful to have been able to spend an evening with these inspiring children and their families. These kids are the true meaning of strength and perseverance to whom we should all look up.”

Congratulations to the CCC/MDC team for exemplifying the FSG spirit and culture of service to our community! 

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