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FSG’s Chris Hinshaw Featured on CropTalk Podcast

An estimated 38 million people in the United States are food insecure, meaning they lack a reliable source of affordable, nutritious food (Hunger in America, 2022). This became apparent to Christopher Hinshaw, FSG’s Director of Horticulture, in 2019.

Photo taken by RapidGrow LED

In the CropTalk podcast highlighting the details and benefits of horticulture lighting, Chris recalls walking around downtown Detroit while at his father-in-law’s memorial service. It was there he noticed the city bus continuously dropping riders off at the liquor store. He looked closer and saw that these people were leaving the store with bags full of groceries. It dawned on Chris that those without access to fresh produce sought out what they could find nearby.

Chris remembered his mantra from grad school, “Be a force for good.” He asked himself if what he was doing with his career was making a difference in the world. Chris then shifted his focus strictly to horticulture lighting in 2020.

With a goal in mind and a great team alongside him, Chris has delved into the Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) space, discovering many differences between that and other industries.

To learn more about Chris’ discoveries on electrical installation and rebates within the CEA space, listen to Kyle Talks AgTech with Chris Hinshaw below.

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