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Health4Me – Fast, Easy, Personal, Everywhere

FSG is proud to offer to it’s employees the services of UnitedHealthCare. Those services include United Healthcare’s latest mobile app, Health4Me™. UnitedHealthcare’s Health4Me™ app provides instant access to your and your family’s critical health information – anytime, anywhere. 

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Whether you want to find physicians near you, check the status of a claim or speak directly with a nurse, Health4Me is your go-to resource for everything related to your health.

Fast- Health4Me’s Easy Connect service puts you in contact with the information you need. Navigate the phone options quickly and easily before you let UHC know you’d like a call back. A representative will call you with answers about claims, benefits and more.

Easy- Add your most commonly used contacts to the “Favorites” tab. Searching for your child’s pediatrician or your nearest Urgent Care clinic is simply a touch away.

Personal- Whether it’s emailing your member health plan ID card information or checking on medical spending accounts, Health4Me™ is the uhc location phoneresource that works for you, and with optimum security, you can rest assured your information is confidential to the fullest extent permitted by law.

Everywhere- Use the location search feature to find a physician or facility near you. Whether you need a specialist or general practice, one of the
 largest selections of network doctors is at your fingertips. Available for Apple® and Android.™

For general questions on UnitedHealthcare’s Health4Me™ app or other United Healthcare services offered through FSG please visit the FSG Benefits Forum on the FSG today website.

To see a video about United Healthcare’s Health4Me app click here.

For more information on UnitedHealthcare visit their webiste at www.myuhc.com

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