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The Right Team for the Job

When the Dallas Foundation realized that their newly installed LED retrofits were inadequate they contacted FSG for help.

Edited by Brannon Bourland

The Dallas Police Memorial in downtown Dallas is managed and maintained by the Dallas Foundation. Under normal circumstances this call would be routine, however, with an impending memorial service coming up they needed a quick response. How quick you ask? How about “end of the day” quick.

With only five years of experience in lighting sales and three years of service to FSG, Dallas Lighting Account Manager Jeff Cash went to work to solve the problem and take care of his customer. Within 6-hours, the FSG Dallas team was able to identify the best lighting retrofit solution, procure materials, mobilize technicians and complete the installation. The Memorial was now adequately lit with eight in-ground well-lights retrofitted with LED kits to produce the same light output as the original 175w metal halide fixtures.

The Foundation couldn’t have been happier with the results, and they made sure they communicated that back to FSG. When asked for his perspective on the job’s success, Jeff had this to say; “I don’t believe there are many companies that could have executed this task as well as we did. I want to emphasize that this was a team effort. Without the help of the inside sales team, specifically Josh Davisson and Lauren Sommerfeld, I would not have found the materials to complete the install. Without Eric Scott, I would not have been able to assure the client that the install would meet there performance demands. A total team effort was required to turn this project around. I have learned in my time with FSG that if I utilize the resources that are available, then I can achieve a very high level of success for the company

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Thank you Jeff, Lauren, Josh, and all the fine folks at divisions 30 in Dallas for your dedication and teamwork in providing the best possible service to their customers every day!


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