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FSG Represents at Indoor Ag-Con 2023

FSG was proud to attend and participate in the 10th Annual Indoor Ag-Con convention held in Las Vegas, Nevada last week. In many ways, the convention was more of a symposium than a trade show. While the Expo floor was a hub of excitement (and killer swag), the quality of the conversations that took place on the show floor was more intentional, focused, and thoughtful than those that sometimes take place at big industry events.

Throughout the conference, attendees and presenters all seemed to be bound by a single overriding desire: to find solutions to current agricultural problems. This fact is largely why FSG is such a welcome participant and natural fit within the world of Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA), and why FSG was proud to attend and participate.

Christopher Hinshaw, FSG Director of Horticulture speaks at Indoor Ag-Con 2023

Christopher Hinshaw, FSG’s Director of Horticulture, made quite an impression during his time on stage. At the “Installation Success” forum, those in attendance heard about the importance of optimized facility design and the benefits of working with an installation partner who can provide a single point of contact while standing with customers throughout the entire life cycle of a CEA facility.

Conversations with CEA industry leaders always include a delightful moment when they realize that FSG truly is brand agnostic, that we are really only interested in finding a solution to their facility challenges.  In a “Buy Me!” world, sometimes it takes a minute to hear someone quietly ask, “How can I help?”

But when customers do hear our message, we can see it in their eyes and feel it in their handshake. The CEA customers we met at Indoor Ag-Con this year understand that FSG is here to help them find solutions to the challenges they routinely face.

The future is bright for CEA, and as the industry matures from yesterday’s fad into tomorrow’s necessity, FSG’s role within the industry is growing alongside it. It’s a fantastic time to be focused on the future of food, and FSG is honored to be of service to such a fundamental, universal effort.

We believe in celebrating the important moments in our employees’ lives here at FSG. If you have a story about an employee or a project you’d like to see on FSG Resources, please share it! Whether it’s a personal achievement or a team accomplishment, we want to recognize and celebrate your successes. Reach out to Scott Delony, FSG Marketing Communications Manager, at [email protected] with stories, ideas, or questions!

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