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Introduction to Propel Prefab Manufacturing

Propel, FSG’s newest branch, offers pre-fabrication needs for the company as well as external partners.

After launching FSG’s Apprenticeship Program in 2018, Cory Bruner, the company’s Director of Risk, decided that a separate location for pre-fab is the perfect learning environment for people that are new to the trades.

Propel and the Apprenticeship Program work hand-in-hand by familiarizing the students with the materials prior to entering the field. Propel was designed to cultivate a learning environment. Instead of throwing them into the field with no experience, the students are able to ask questions when they arise without worrying about slowing down the job progress on site.

Not only does Propel aid the students during the learning process, but it also cuts significant assembly time on the job site. In addition to saving time, pre-fab also saves money.

For more information about Propel, watch the video here.

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