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Tero, a San Antonio-based low-voltage and structured cabling contractor, opened its doors in 1999. In 2019, FSG and Tero saw an opportunity to merge the two companies and extend their reach in the electrical construction industry.

Both FSG and Tero began with the goal of wanting to create an environment where employees can work together to provide clients with the best experience possible. 

Considering there are no licensing requirements for structure cabling installation, Tero has placed a heavy emphasis on training and certifications. These range from Registered Communications Distribution Designers (RCCD), Registered Telecommunications Project Managers (RTPM), Installer 21 and Installer 32.

So, why merge? Robin Portenier said, “We were running up against a wall. Our time was being consumed by administrative tasks and it was starting to take away from working directly with customers.” The concern of whether their employees would be treated like family was a grave concern, but they quickly realized FSG’s culture aligns with Tero’s. 

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