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Labor of Love

by Deon Snider TD&C

Labor of Love

In 2000, Michelle White, Admin Mgr / FSGE Phoenix, was living in San Diego CA when she adopted her first dog from Operation Greyhound.    

Shortly after her move to Phoenix, in 2004, Michelle’s love for greyhounds prompted her to become more active in greyhound rescue.


After moving to Phoenix, Michelle began volunteering with Greyhound Pets of Arizona (GPA).  She and GPA work fervently with local race tracks and kennels to place Greyhound dogs (who either do not meet racing criteria, or who have been injured, retired, abused or neglected), into homes where they will be loved and cared for.  Michelle not only volunteers to work at GPA during nights and weekends, but also serves as a foster home for some of these dogs until they are ready for adoption.   Most of the dogs are in good health when they come to GPA.  Once they arrive, GPA has each dog spayed or neutered, vaccinated, dental, micro-chipped, and tested for certain tick diseases.  If the dog is injured, ie… broken leg, amputees, sick, or malnourished, GPA helps to arrange for the needed medical attention and care.  Regardless of the need, Michelle and her companions are quick to come to their aid and provide critical care for these helpless animals.  Michelle loves to take on those “special needs cases” that requre a higher level of Tender Loving Care.  After the dogs are treated by the vet she nurses them to health, and prepares them for their new permanent homes.



Most of the time Michelle has one to two foster dogs in her home at a time.   Some may be hosted for a couple of weeks, others who are recovering from injuries, may be cared for up to 3 or 4 months.  While the GPA tries to cover most of the vet bills, Michelle pays for food and supplies and often will pay for medications from her own pocket. 

GPA hosts annual events to raise money to help cover veterinary costs. The most recent event is an annual art auction and picnic which was held Jan 28th and 29th.  All proceeds go to furnishing medical needs for the dogs.  For more information go to  www.gpa-az.com 


So… hats off to Michelle White who selflessly gives herself, her time, and resources to make a difference in the lives of those who can not help themselves.

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