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In The Light, Q1 2012

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The world changed dramatically in 2011

and FSG booked another solid year of growth

Welcome to the third installment of In the Light.  I felt that it was time to move from Dylan’s changing times right into Chapman’s, Revolution.  Because as we look ahead at 2012, it does feel like a revolution and it’s more like a deafening roar as opposed to the Whisper.

The world changed dramatically in 2011 and FSG booked another solid year of growth.   As we look ahead at the revolution of 2012, I think there are three things to anchor in if we want to continue to thrive and prosper.  They are Unity, Clarity and Simplicity

To illustrate those three principles I thought I would talk about some of the business aspects that sharpen our focus around them.

The first is Unity and it is best illustrated by talking about what we believe will be an essential part of our continued future growth, namely The FSG Account.”   FSG accounts are those Fortune 1000 type customers that present the largest opportunities and require the greatest FSG resources.  They typically have local, regional, and national decision makers that require the skill and talent of numerous FSG folks, all unified to effectively serve them.  So whether they are buying a lamp in Chicago or getting service work done in Corpus Christi, we want to make sure we deliver consistent, timely, error free service with a warm smile and a hearty thank you. 

The next principle, Clarity is best illustrated by telling you about the performance management system we will be rolling out. Our new Fit for Purpose on line tool will allow us to align corporate direction and goals across all business units and into every department.  This will ensure a clear unified pull,  in the same direction for all of FSG.

On the Simplicity front, we see the continued investment in technology and tools that allows us to work smarter and serve customers better each and every day. Some examples  of those tools are the Shoretel phone system which allows us to have a unified and transparent customer service team. Beyond improved communication we will continue to invest in tools that will take us efficiently from field audit to finished proposal, using tablet computers and the Green Solutions software we will be able to embrace the ongoing revolution of retrofit work being driven by  technological revolution and government legislation.  We believe our commitment to work hard combined with smarter tools will position us to win our fair share of this work that will be happening all around the country.

So bring on the revolution of 2012, FSG looks forward to it because  your unified efforts, along with the clarity of direction and proper tools should once again position FSG for another year of growth and profitability. So until next time I will leave you “In the Light”


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