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Mobile Features

Since many of our FSG family connect to the internet on-the-go, we’ve provided a way for you to stay connected with FSG with your iPhone or Android smartphone. This mobile optimization means two things for you when you are connecting with your smartphone.

1. If you want to access the site information in it’s mobile format, you only need to connect to www.fsgtd.com with your browser just as you normally would. The site will automatically reformat the information in an easy to read mobile format that is streamlined and condensed for your phone.

2. If you’d like to view the full desktop version, the site is ready for you as well. Check with your mobile browser’s settings and change your phone to “desktop” mode. The specific steps to change your mobile browser’s settings will change from browser to browser but they are most commonly under “desktop mode.” The full site will be available to you on your phone, including the FSG TV video library.

For those connecting with a tablet, we suggest that you use the desktop version of your browser. All of our content and media have been optimized to work with all of the major tablet operating systems. Give it a try FSG Today is even better on the go.

We’ve tested with Android and iPhone configurations, but obviously we can’t have tested every mobile OS with every mobile browser, if you have any issues connecting, let us know at the TD&C Department and we will help you troubleshoot the issues.


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