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P2P – Outside Sales Marketing

by Deon Snider 

“A wise man will make more opportunities than he finds.”

Francis Bacon

As we face this time of economic uncertainty it has become even more important for FSG to remain “the steady constant” our customers can depend on.

We must remain at the “top of our game” while providing cutting edge technology and information that will fortify the partnership with our customers as we not only meet their needs, but also exceed their expectations.  Relationships are everything!!  The need for us to share our ideas with each other and draw from one another’s experiences is a significant factor in helping to equip ourselves for this daunting task. This is just what our P2P – Marketing – Outside Sales group has been doing since March of 2011.

Mike Font has embraced the challenge of ensuring that our Outside Sales and Marketing Reps are equipped and postured for success with pertinent and time sensitive information. Mike has remained vigilant to keep our marketing reps up to date on enhancements to COINS as well as sharing other “tricks of the trade” for managing customer accounts. He has trained on Sales Intelligence, and AR Intelligence, among many others. Mike’s commitment to excellence  has helped to keep our marketing staff “up to date” with world events that has forever changed the course of the lighting industry.  He has relentlessly pursued updates to the shortages of “rare earth phosphors” and the impact these shortages have had  on FSG and our customers. 

For brief description of previously discussed topics CLICK HERE, or see the P2P – Outside Sales and Marketing Tab.

If you are interested in participating in this group, contact Deon or your Division Mgr.  We will ensure that this is the right group for you, then you will be added to to the roster.  It’s that simple!!!  You will receive reminders and meeting information via email.   Remember, these focus groups are designed as open collaborative forums. We need all who join to participate and engage in the discussions.

Following is the schedule for the upcoming P2P – Outside Sales / Marketing Group for 2011.

Monday November 10 (10am cdt)

Monday December 5   (10am cdt)

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