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Good News! One Thing Will NOT Be More Expensive in 2023!

This year, as we were getting ready for the annual open enrollment period when FSG employees have the opportunity to make changes to their health insurance coverage, we were stunned to learn that the cost for our group health insurance premiums in 2023 were set to increase by 9.5%, or $1.2 million dollars.

We knew inflation was rough, but a 9.5% increase seemed like a lot.

So the Executive Board met to discuss options, and came up with a plan.  Want to know what they decided to do? 

Watch this video and see how FSG is planning to take care of the rising cost of health insurance in 2023.


Open enrollment will begin on November 7th and run through midnight on November 23rd.  This is the only time you can make changes to your group insurance plan.

Just like last year, open enrollment takes place online in Paycom. If you need to make plan changes, look for the 2023 Enrollment link under the Benefits tab. Remember, if no action is taken your current 2022 plan will roll into 2023 automatically.

As always, your HR team is here to help you with any questions you may have.  Do not hesitate to reach out!  For more information on benefits options, go to www.fsg-resources.com/open-enrollment . There you’ll find more information along with a list of Frequently Asked Questions and answers. 

Finally, we want to wish you success in the year ahead, and we want to thank you for all you do every day to make FSG a lasting institution.

At FSG, we place a high value on celebrating delicate and important moments within our employees’ lives. If you have a story you’d like to see on FSG Resources, please share it! Email Stephanie Cone at [email protected] with stories, ideas, or questions!

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