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FSG Gets All Dressed Up

All across the country, FSG got dressed up for Halloween! Many FSG locations held events, competitions, or costume days to celebrate the spooky-fun day, including FSG San Antonio, FSG Smart Buildings, and the FSG Corporate Office.

At FSG Smart Buildings, Stacy Justice and the Smart Buildings team participated in their annual Halloween Costume Contest.  They dressed up and enjoyed some fun, food and fellowship together. They had a costume contest that had many entries.  “Least Recognizable as an Employee” went to Jon Steen, Technical Support Representative, for his Skeleton costume.  Zack Cornwell, Enterprise Business Development, took home the prize for “Funniest Costume” in a Hooters Server outfit.  The “Best DIY” award went to  Marie Zuniga, Project Coordinator, who created a very realistic Fly.

FSG Corporate saw many different characters walking its halls.  The costume contest was fierce this year. Coming in 3rd place for his recreation of “The Mad Ringmaster” was Rudy Alanis, Chief People Officer.  2nd place went to Lori Graham, Project Manager, dressed as “Boy George.” And taking the top prize was Erica Smith, FSG Accountant, for her portrayal of the “The Silent Woman.”

Meanwhile, FSG San Antonio threw a Halloween Bash. With over 200 friends and family members gathered together, the food was plentiful, the games were exciting, and the laughs were loud.  

For the big event, Chris Perez and his team worked diligently to create a haunted house experience that was the highlight of the day! 

For all the souls not brave enough to enter the haunted house, other fun activities included cornhole, washers, balloon twister, a bouncy house, musical chairs, and even a crane-hung piñata.  

The most important thing the Halloween Bash delivered was a sense of excitement and energy in the air.  According to Annette Mendoza, San Antonio’s HR Generalist, “I have never been to an event where it instantly felt like family.  Everyone was having so much fun and there were tons of kids having a blast. The FSG family was in full force!”

At FSG, we place a high value on celebrating delicate and important moments within our employees’ lives. If you have a story you’d like to see on FSG Resources, please share it! Email Stephanie Cone at [email protected] with stories, ideas, or questions!

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