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Indy’s Annual Fishing Tournament Crowns a Rookie as Champion

On October 7th, FSG Indianapolis held its 4th Annual Fishing Tournament

Shortly after Indy’s Vice President, Hunter Kasten, arrived at the branch, he began looking for a way to bring the team together in a casual setting.  Hunter realized that many of the Indy team members had never met one another, and he knew that situation had to change. 

With Luke Bond, Indy’s Business Development Rep, joining Hunter in long hours brainstorming ideas while staring at the pond in their backyard, it was only a matter of time before the inspiration for a fishing tournament was born.

“A fishing tournament is just right,” according to Hunter, “if you’re looking to give everyone a laid back atmosphere to hang out and enjoy some competition, food, and walk away with some prizes.”

Hunter wanted a way to say “Thank You” to all his team members by giving them an afternoon to come together, relax, and have some fun.  The 2022 tournament was the best yet, with a cornhole tournament and a food truck added to the yearly tradition.

After the tournament Luke noted, “The event grows every year! And the competitiveness gets stronger and stronger!”

Spencer Camden, 2022 Champion

This year, a tournament rookie walked away as Champion.  Indianapolis Apprentice, Spencer Camden, took home the belt!

According to insiders, the smack-talking was thick, and strategy for next year has already started.

?️Check out this video to “catch” the feel of the day!

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