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P2P – Outside Sales Marketing June 2012

Once again, Mike Font brought more intriguing updates to the table.  He discussed how the FSG Sales Rep can capitalize on features within SI, to reach their customers with mass email marketing tools.  These mass email tools help the marketing reps as they communicate time sensitive information to our customers.  From the ever changing US Dept of Energy regulations to new cutting edge products and technology (furnished by FSG Lighting) that will help the end users meet the new government requirements, the mass email marketing tools are a tremendous asset that will help FSG remain the solution for our customers lighting and electrical needs.  We have many resources available that aid in the success of our team, Mike always does a good job sharing with the marketing reps how they can tap into and use these tools.   He also discussed other 3rd party mass marketing services that are available to help the marketing reps better communicate with their customers.

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