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P2P – Service Managers June 2012

This month we discussed the need to increase the amount of room required in the notes section of work orders.  NAC Work Orders continue to reflect “Call NAC upon arrival to site”.  Per the NAC WOFC, this is no longer a requirement.  It is necessary for the notes to remain on the work orders as they are customer defaults and the initial call is necessary for affiliates.  Eventually as our technology catches up with our “systems”  there will be sufficient room for work order notes.  Service Managers were updated on status of the “revised cycle count report” that will include “items sold in previous period” column to help identify “overstock issues” on vans / trucks.  Joe A is working with IT to finalize report. Service Managers weighed in on the KUV vans, overall the review is positive at this point.  Updated Service Managers of status of Pilot Program for Electronic Work orders.  Jojo (FSGE 40) and Chip (FSGE 20) commented on the tablets from their perspective. We also discussed how some techs are using smart phones to process “pics” of Material Requisition Forms and forwarding to purchasers for expediting PO processing.  Some branches are already doing this, others are not.  

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