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P2P – Outside Sales Marketing February 2012

P2P – Outside Sales and Marketing   – February 2012
Mike Font trained on how to use customer price records.  He demonstrated some of the pit falls he has seen in using PD SBZ and PD SBL menu options.   Mike showed how to set up Type 1, 2, 3,  and 5 price records and the benefit of setting up multiple types for each customer.  The Type 1 Records typically pertain to Specific Customers and Specific Customers individual price records.  The Type 2 Records are for setting up Specific Customer Price Type, Line, and Category pricing, Type 3 Records are common for NAC customers, but can also be used to set up Customer Price Type and Specific Product pricing, and Type 5 Records are used to set up Global Mark Ups for items that have not been previously set up.  It is highly advised to have multiple layers set up for each customer since it is virtually impossible to have every possible option pre-established.  Mike demonstrated how these various record types work in conjunction with each other to ensure that our customers are billed correctly.  One of the challenges we face is customer retention, it is a shame to secure the initial work, schedule and perform the work well, to wind up with an unhappy customer because we dropped the ball at the goal line in the billing process.   This session was recorded, If anyone can benefit from this demonstration send and email to Deon.  The link to the recording will be forwarded.  
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