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P2P – Warehouse / Purchasing June 2012

KUV Service Truck - "The Armadillo"Joe Arellano is working with Allen B to generate the report for cycle count reconciliation and low order point evaluation. Joe will keep this group updated as progress is made.  Houston is using “CamScanner” apps on smart phone for taking pictures of material request forms and are then able to forward to purchaser for faster processing of purchase orders.  We discussed the need for a new classification on cycle count sheets that reflect “Pending” for items that are on work orders but not yet billed.  Many branches are now using the KUV vans, fondly referred to as “Armadillo Vans” We quarried this group as to the response of the guys in the field and also opened up discussion regarding serviceability.  While these vehicles do come with a 3/4 ton option, all of the branches quarried are using the 1 ton version.  While the initial cost and gas cost are higher for the KUV, most fleet mgrs believe the reduced service costs and risk associated with overweight vehicles greatly outweighs the initial cost.

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