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P2P – Warehouse / Purchasing May 2012

Joe Arellano responded to questions regarding vehicles that are still being “costed” to the branch after the lease is up,  as well as vehicles that have been sold that remain on the inventory list.  Joe will get with Paul B to review FSG’s procedures for “wiping” assets from one branches GL to another.  We discussed overstock of service vehicle inventory.  Joe showed the group a report reflecting vehicle inventory levels vs items sold.  In some cases 30+ lamps are on a vehicle and only 4 of that type were sold during the previous year.  We determined that Joe will work with IT to create a report which will be used after cycle counts are completed and reconciled.  This report will identify turns ratios for individual parts per van, once an overstock item is identified, the warehouse supervisor will get with the service managers who will in turn work with the tech to reduce un-necessary truck stock items.  We will discuss this with Service Managers during P2P.

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