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P2P – Warehouse / Purchasing March 2012

Today we determined how to best identify the most commonly used truck stock materials.  Currently we have multiple FSG part numbers in the system for each type of consumable part.  ie… separate part numbers for Cutler Hammer 1/2″ emt connector and another part number for T&B 1/2″ emt connector.  This causes a tremendous amount of confusion and difficulties reconciling truck stock inventories.  Our primary objective in consolidating these commonly used part numbers is also to get our EDI vendors to use these same unique FSG part numbers when transmitting billing docs (regardless which manufacturer they are using).   Once we have completed the task of identifying the list of these commonly used parts, we will forward to each of our EDI vendors and require them to insert these FSG part numbers in their database.  This will bring uniformity to our inventory lists and reduce many discrepancies in inventory reconciliation.  This FSG Part number will serve as our internal reference number only… it will NOT have any bearing on pricing.  Long term, we need to accomplish this goal prior to implementing a bar coding system.  So thanks to Jason F (FSGE 40) and Earl S (FSGE 12) and Joe A (FSG Corp) for their willingness to step up and lead out in helping to develop and enhance Best Practices.  

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