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by Jeff Blasdell

Bill said “ If we’re going to do this I want it to be of professional quality.” That meant we needed to find a professional.

In September of 2010, Bill Graham gave the thumbs up on taking the newly rolled-out on-line Learning Management System (LMS) to a new level. He said “ If we’re going to do this I want it to be of professional quality.” That meant that we needed to find a professional. And so I began my search. I looked around my geographical area and found a handful of companies that seemed to fit the bill. I setup a meeting with one of them. 

The company was called Caffeinated Monkey and the owner’s name was Brent Young. I soon found out why he used the unusual name of Caffeinated Monkey. We met at, what Brent refers to as his office, the Starbucks located in Montgomery Texas. He’s a coffee coinsure.

Brent had been working as a freelance consultant providing web design, video and audio systems design and installations. He was personable and professional and after our first meeting I had a good sense that this was our guy. 

Brent Young joined the FSG team in October of 2010. In his first year he has helped us to greatly improve the quality of our e-learning training modules, as in night turns to day. Any of you who saw the originals would undoubtedly agree. 

He guided us into the world of streaming video, thus giving all FSG employees an opportunity to see and hear messages from our leaders and from all other parts around the company. 

When the challenge to build a new FSG website was presented, Brent was the guy who had the credentials and he dove in. He designed and built the site that you are now enjoying to read this and many other articles. 

Brent has been a great resource in helping to improve the way FSG communicates with one another. Many thanks to Brent Young.

All of us at this great company contribute to the whole and its leadership sincerely holds each of us up as valuable. This is just one story of someone that I want to recognize for his contribution. If you have someone that you would like to recognize, you can do just that using this forum. Just take a few minutes to express your thoughts and send it to me. I’ll do the rest.


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