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Project Spot Light: Play Ball! San Antonio Alamodome

alamodomeFor the second straight year, the Texas Rangers major league baseball team has played they’re last 2 regular season exhibition games in San Antonio at the all purpose Alamodome.

After the 2013 series, Rangers management decided that additional illumination was needed in areas primarily due to the fact that the Alamodome was originally built to house football, basketball and soccer, but not baseball.

Alamodome management along with key operations personnel from major League baseball contacted Ray Medina and FSG to provide solution a new lighting solution that would increase lighting levels at both Home plate and the pitchers mound. Several lighting level options were proposed and MLB finally decided on a ideal that added 30 new 1500 watt metal halide fixtures to the existing Alamodome Lighting system.

Lead by FSG’s Eric Nance and Billy Dyal, our service team work on the highwire far above the Alamodome floor to install and aim the new fixtures prior to the start of the texas league series against the Houston Astros, March 28-29th Happy to say that both teams and managers were very complementary of the new light levels at the mound and home plate and as you can see the pictures tell the story.

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