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Response to Hurricane Sandy

hurricane from noaaHurricane Sandy has come and gone but she has left her mark on the community and the state of New Jersey.

New JerseyThe devastation caused by the storm is so bad, it is hard to believe its real and not a scene from a movie. So may lives have been changed forever and the coast line of New Jersey needs to be redrawn on the map. There are people in our FSG family that were very lucky how they weathered the storm; however some have suffered great loss of property. I think we are all blessed that we did not suffer any loss of life or injury to ourselves or family members.

s I drive throughout the coastline communities I am overcome with several emotions when I witness the devastation surrounding me. I am angry for what has happened, sad for all the loss, frustrated I can’t do more, and deep in my heart I feel pride. The pride I feel comes from the incredible people I work with who go the extra mile and then some. This includes the office support for the service department and most of all, the service technicians who went over and above to get things done.

With the loss of power there were issues with road closures, obtaining fuel, food and supplies to gather the material needed to complete our jobs. We encountered difficulty with communications after the storms wrath that knocked out cellular phone service in many areas. All or our service techs went the extra mile and used their wives , children’s or personal cell phones to maintain communication when our company cell service was down. This was our only source of communication with oneNew Jersey 2 another to get things done.

Everyone worked around the clock to install generators for NAC customers, local customers and some new customers. The service technician’s professional attitude and drive was the key to complete what seemed to be impossible to accomplish. We installed generators around the clock to keep our customers in business and when utility power was restored to that location within hours we would disconnect and reconnect at a new location. This has been going on for days and continues day after day and our service technicians have not missed a beat. I didn’t hear one complaint from anyone and when asked to do something they would just say “Where do I need to go and what do I need to do”.  In these difficult times our technicians showed their true colors and I am proud of each an every one of them.

New Jersey 3I would just like to thank all of the New Jersey branch service team for the professional attitude, hard work and dedication all of you have shown during these difficult times after the hurricane. I am honored and truly proud to work with each and every one of you.



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