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Teamwork Makes The Grade

schoolbus In June, the Hoboken Board of Education awarded FSG a bid to complete a lighting retrofit in seven school buildings.

The original timeline was to have all work completed by the start of the school year in September. The project start was delayed by the school until the last week of August. The delay presented a huge challenge because this meant that the FSG team would be forced to work side by side with teachers and students thus limiting workspace and complicating scheduling. Despite the setback, the schools and FSG have worked together to stay productive, and keep the project moving forward under precarious circumstances. Recently the Director of facilities for the Hoboken Board of Education acknowledged and commended the efforts and teamwork of Fred Kondash, Orlando Deleon and the entire crew on the Hoboken Schools project. Here is what he had to say to Fred about FSG.

It isn’t often that I write this type of email, but in this case I find it important to do so. I have been in the business of overseeing building improvements both in the private sector and the public sector for many years. Throughout my career I have seen some successes and many nightmares when it comes to doing work on occupied buildings.

I have been observing your staff in action for the past few weeks and I can honestly say that I have never seen a more competent, courteous and cooperative group of people. They are working under difficult conditions, having their locations restricted at times, re-directing rooms and a whole sort of things that come up when working in school buildings. I have watched them deal with every issue in a professional manner. Your foreman has been great and extremely patient while we work out the logistics and your installers are among the best I have ever seen.

I will admit that I’m the first to complain when things go wrong and usually the last to compliment when things go right, but I would be negligent if I failed to express my satisfaction with the way your company is performing. While you and I both know better, they make it look easy.

I’m sure the weeks ahead will be challenging, but I’m confident that in the end all will be satisfied.


Director of Facilities
Hoboken Board of Education

Thanks to the entire team on the Hoboken Schools job for bringing your best to the project everyday. Thanks to all FSG employees for your dedication, not only to FSG, but to our customers as well!

The Hoboken Schools project included the following team members:
Orlando DeLeon-Foreman
Ismael Reynoso, Rudy Diaz, Robert Casilla, Roberto Ortega, Miguel Calderon, Roger Calderon, Vernell Samuel, Adam Gonzales, John Lenaghan, Wilkyn Montilla and Melki Marte are currently working.
Marvin Donald, Mike Corless, Heath Saraceno and Mike Divivi have also had time on this project prior to the start of school.


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