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Snow, Sales and Sally

by Steve Byrne

FSGL Denver Rep Sally Hagan will scale any summit in search of a sale.  

Here she is smiling in pink and preparing for a lighting Audit at Arapaho Basin in Colorado.  

After boarding around the mountain to audit the A-Basin facilities, Sally compiled the data, presented the solution and closed a 25K LED conversion.    The A-Basin folks were so pleased with Sally and the work of the FSGE Denver Electric team that it made the local news.

A-Basin has asked Sally to buckle back into her board and take another look at the high lift stations so they can convert them for the next phase of the project.  With so many more mountains to climb (er, board) Sally says sales will continue to rise in Denver!

Here’s that news piece: http://www.9news.com/news/local/article/228236/346/Better-bulbs-gives-Araphaoe-Basin-a-bright-futre

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