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The FSG Joules is a recurring feature highlighting hidden gems within FSG.

FSG’s Constitution clearly lays out the values it was founded on and the ways in which the employees can ensure the future success of the company. Focusing both on the internal and external relationships from a business perspective, it is imperative that meaningful relationships are cultivated. In order to form these deeper relationships, one must allow themselves to be vulnerable, i.e. sharing their individual viewpoints or expressing when they need assistance. FSG works to foster an environment that welcomes this type of vulnerability because, at the end of the day, we are family. 

“Our lives will only be meaningful because of the relationships we establish. How we choose to treat others will determine our fulfillment, happiness, and even our joy. Developing healthy relationships is our goal. Achieving this will help ensure good working conditions, open two-way communication, effective and supportive supervision, job satisfaction, and realistic career development.”

FSG Constitution

In keeping with the heart of both FSG’s Mission Statement and Constitution, FSG’s founders created a group email forum called Son Light. The original intent was to provide a space where employees could share prayer requests or ask for assistance with various needs while encouraging one another. 

Understanding that FSG is a unique workplace with a familial feel, FSG’s Director of Construction Development, Deon Snider, saw an opportunity to further encourage, inspire, and connect his fellow employees. He thought the current Son Light platform could be utilized to share a daily devotional with the group. Deon approached Bill Graham, FSG’s Founder and Chief Operating Officer, to ask if he would be interested in this expansion of Son Light.

Upon approval, a devotional entitled “Verse of the Day” began coming through the forum every morning. The email begins with a single passage from the Bible, followed by an excerpt from a credible, well-known author expounding on the scripture to demonstrate how it applies to daily life. The hope in sharing this is to spread encouragement, to begin the day with focus and a positive perspective. 

As a family, FSG desires to encourage, exhort, and strengthen one another. The ability to vulnerably share and uplift one another at the workplace is what makes FSG unique. Son Light serves as a place to connect and encourage the employees of FSG. The sense of community is something to be felt when prayer requests come through or the “Verse of the Day” is shared. 

The forum is completely voluntary and open to all, regardless of religious affiliation. If you are interested in subscribing to the Son Light email forum, please submit a form below. Upon submission, you will receive an email with more information. Members can share their prayer requests directly with the group. If you would like to remain anonymous, email Deon Snider at [email protected] and he will submit on your behalf. 

FSG looks forward to many more years of Son Light and appreciates those that assist in keeping efforts such as Son Light alive. If you have any ideas or questions regarding Son Light, please contact Deon at [email protected]

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