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FSG Storefront Vendor Spotlight | Acuity

We at FSG are committed to consistently providing our customers with superior value through quality products, service, and support. This month FSG Storefront is introducing a vendor spotlight series. Each month we will feature a vendor and highlight some of their quality products. These products will also be featured on FSG Storefront.

Take a look at our May blog featuring the Acuity Brands® Contractor Select™ product line. Acuity Brands® spoke with lighted Magazine about their Contractor Select™ program, ”this program simplifies the product selection process for contractors by providing readily available, everyday lighting products from a highly reliable manufacturer.”

Switchable technology is available in several fixtures offered by Acuity Brands. Switchable technology allows for less time spent on the job site since fixtures can be adjusted on the job site. This means your team makes fewer trips to the job site and provides more accurate scheduling for other customers. Discover readily available fixtures and information about the Contractor Select program in this PDF.

FSG’s mission is to drive material orders online and be a resource to you when preparing presentations or putting together bid packages. Let us know what you think. If you have an idea for a product or series of products you would like to see featured in the Online Store, let us know! 

The FSG StoreFront provides real-time inventory updates and pricing. Do you need to quickly search for a product to fulfill an order or complete a quote? Instantly find it on our StoreFront website. You can also click on the “Buy Now” button on FSG.com to be taken to FSGstorefront.com. Your established customers who shop on the website will be attributed to your sales number to ensure you get credit for the sale and gain visibility of their purchase history. 

Click the article below for a quick rundown of all the StoreFront has to offer. With an improved search feature, you can enter the type of lamp or fixture and immediately see FSG’s available inventory for it along with base pricing. Customers with existing accounts have access to their unique customer pricing.

If you need support or have any questions or suggestions for the FSG Storefront, please contact Andrew Wimmer below.

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