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The Clarity™ Story, Part 1: Design and Fabrication

When one of the nation’s leading wireless providers needed a solution for their energy management, Clarity™ fit the bill. Since 2012, FSG has installed 370 Clarity™ systems and monitors in 729 stores for this well known wireless provider.

Our relationship with the customer continues to expand, including the recent deployment of 60 new Clarity™ systems that will be used for both retrofits and new stores.

In order to bring the Clarity™ ecosystem to the customer, it all starts with design. FSG Energy utilizes its hardware and software teams to collect data and engineer the Clarity™ panels. During the design phase, the hardware team selects the products for the panel that meet the specific needs of the customer. The software team works in tandem to develop standards that make sure hundreds and thousands of points of data can be brought together in an enterprise environment.

Mike Smith is the FSG Project Manager over the venture and has continued to expand FSG’s relationship with this particular customer. 

“Like all great technology companies, FSG Energy is constantly pushing forward with new designs that take advantage of industry improvements in speed, storage and size to bring their customers controllers and edge devices that are faster, smarter and smaller while at the same time delivering great value,” said Smith.

Once the Energy team produces drawings and a prototype panel, FSG Signs duplicates the panels.

“FSG Signs’ shop is instrumental in providing quality control and best practices to ensure Clarity™ continually meets the expectations of our customers,” said Gary Ament, FSG Energy Engineering Manager.

Once built, engineering takes all the parts for a given store and builds a mock-up of the store. This process includes laying the panel out, wiring it together, powering it up, programming it and testing it to guarantee everything works together seamlessly. Once this process is completed, the Clarity™ panels are shipped out for installation.

Be sure to check FSG Today next Tuesday for “The Clarity™ Story Part 2: Installation and Integration.”

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