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The Clarity™ Story, Part 2

After the design and fabrication of the Clarity™ panels is complete, we coordinate with the client and install the unit.

The installation process for a Clarity™ system takes approximately two days. The panels are installed by our experienced, qualified integrators, including mechanical and electrical contractors. We are always looking to train and add installers to our list of qualified partners.

One of the best parts of Clarity™ is that it does not lock the customer into a proprietary system. FSG can incorporate existing systems as well as new Clarity™ panels under one umbrella for easy monitoring and maintenance.  

In the case of the well-known wireless provider, the customer’s portfolio includes some older pre-FSG systems that were installed and managed by another company. These systems are now monitored and controlled by FSG without any change in site-level equipment.

In addition, FSG has installed our Clarity™ systems into other locations for the customer. The FSG hardware and software teams ensure all data can talk to each other at the cloud level, regardless of what system is installed.

The customer’s facility managers have complete access to their systems, which includes command and control through a web interface and push notifications in the form of emailed alarms.

Click through the attached gallery to see what a Clarity™ dashboard looks like.

Check back next week for “The Clarity™ Story Part 3: Monitoring and Service.”



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