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“Kudos” where “Kudos” are Deserved

Everyday, FSG team members log thousands of miles in both FSG company vehicles and personal vehicles to meet the needs of FSG customers around the nation.

 Most of those miles are uneventful and routine, however, every now and then one of those trips sticks out for one reason or another as extraordinary. Jeremy Wright, an FSG Team Member in Kansas City, found out what one of those extraordinary trips can be like recently when he found himself witness and first responder to an accident in  Roeland Park Kansas. 

While the details of the accident are best left for those involved to sort out, Jeremy’s response to it is without doubt.  Jeremy did exactly what he needed to do to help his fellow man out and went above and beyond to make sure his employer (the injured driver was in a company vehicle) knew of his situation so that they could contact his family. 

Now Jeremy didn’t tell us any of this and by all accounts he wouldn’t because he is a humble guy who was just doing what his friends and co-workers say he would do no matter what.  So how did we find out about Jeremy’s service to his community?  Well, the injured driver’s employer wrote to FSG to commend Jeremy for a job well done and for going above and beyond! 

Their note reads:

“Just wanted to let you know that one of your employees, Jeremy Wright, went above and beyond the call of duty today. One of my employees was involved in a serious accident near the Walgreens at 50th & Roe and Jeremy was the first person on the scene. He assisted my employee who was having a seizure at the wheel and then call the phone number on the side of the company truck to alert us to the emergency once 911 was called. He is a very humble guy and we thanked him profusely, but I wanted you to know what kind of people you have working for you. Great job!

Phoenix Renovation and Restoration”

FSG couldn’t be more proud of Jeremy and his actions and thank him for being being there for his fellow man when his fellow man needed him the most. 

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