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Appreciating Hard Work and Celebrating Opportunity

On Friday August 18, FSG 24 (Lynbrook NY), showed their appreciation to Project Leaders by treating them to an afternoon of fishing, followed by a wonderful meal at the Carriage House Restaurant, a “Long Island Favorite”. These leaders have been working hard to create a bright future for the FSG 24 Team. 
This group of leaders, continue to challenge themselves, and others, to strive for excellence, as they become  “students of the business”.  They have demonstrated their commitment to individual growth and willingness to embrace new disciplines as they step outside their comfort zone and reach for their personal “next level of success”.  It does not stop there, each is also looking for the next generation of leaders who are now among the rank and file.   All have been tasked to invest their time and energy into others, in a mentor role, to develop those who will one day step into the role of the FSG Field Foreman.  We are working to grow and develop the core of what we hope and pray will be a formidable FSG team for years to come.   
While the team agrees that there is much work to do, many disciplines to sharpen, and new skills to master, it is also good to pause and acknowledge the good things that are happening as we press toward the goal of excellence. So, today we celebrate the hard work that has been accomplished, and by God’s grace, we hope and pray it leads to opportunities for continued growth for the future.  We are relying on Team Commitment – Team Communication – Team Culture to be the backbone that will under-gird steady transformation and growth as they “Stay the Course”.   “Change is the law of life.  And those who look only to the past or the present are certain to miss the future.” – John F Kennedy.
FSG 24 also wishes to extend their gratitude to Sam Smith, Mark Mitchell, and Gary Roy for allowing this team to tap into their vast depth of experience and expertise in Best Practice Disciplines.   These three FSG Division Leaders have contributed their time, knowledge, experience, and access to personnel to support the development and growth of this new up-n-coming FSG Branch.   For that we are, and will remain, eternally grateful.
Pictured left to right:  
Back Row:  Chris Hieronymus, Doug Tripodo, Chris Collins, Joe Kanopa, Alex Robarge, Brian Favillo, Pete Conefry, Richie Boyko, Marcin Wiczolek,  John Foody
Middle:  Scott Sowa, Deon Snider, Phoebus Milsap, Marco Paucar,
Front & Center:  Joe Marino

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