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The Clarity™ Story, Part 3: Monitoring and Service

One of the greatest strengths of FSG Energy is our state-of-the-art call center. Once a ClarityTM system is up and running, our service center members continue the relationship with the customer by monitoring systems, troubleshooting problems and dispatching technicians as needed to ensure maximum energy efficiency and cost savings.

The service center is open 24/7 and staffed with specialists with over 100 years of combined in-field experience. These specialists monitor locations, make set-point adjustments and identify mechanical issues remotely, saving the customer costly truck rolls for maintenance requests on location.

In the case an on-site technician is needed, FSG’s specialists help techs in and out of the field quicker, resulting in faster repairs and minimized labor payments for the customer.

“Our specialists reduce the cost of the technician that has to be in the field,” said Joe Hill, FSG Operations Manager. “Our staff ensures you get a consistent amount of information in the field, regardless of the skill levels of the technicians on location.”

Each day is a new experience in the call center, where FSG monitors assets and sensors such as HVAC, humidity and CO2. In addition, FSG runs cooling tests for its clients to find issues that would have been missed otherwise.

In 2016, FSG Energy developed a solution for a well-known wireless provider in regards to their humidity problems. In locations with high relative humidity, store managers were cranking the air conditioner down to remove moisture from the store at the expense of customer comfort.

The service center developed a set point strategy to pull moisture out of the air and minimize energy usage. After a few successful pilots, the customer reported positive feedback and began instituting the program in other locations. The end results were greater cost savings and elevated comfort levels.

“These are the type of solutions customers look to get from us,” said Juan Montelongo, FSG Energy Call Center Manager. “They look for us to innovate and come up with new ideas that make their experience better.”

The service center is the one crucial component of the ecosystem FSG Energy provides for its clients. ClarityTM is a testament to FSG’s mission to create turnkey solutions for its customers by being there every step of the way. From design to integration to monitoring and troubleshooting, ClarityTM is there.

And now, ClarityTM is better than ever before. On Oct. 3, new hardware, software and capabilities will be unveiled to the general public that launch ClarityTM into the next generation of energy management and IoT devices. Check back next Tuesday for the final installment of “The ClarityTM Story” to get a sneak peek into the next era of ClarityTM.

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