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The Clarity™ Story, Part 4: The Next Era

As the world of technology continues to advance, FSG is prepared to grow alongside it. FSG Energy is excited to announce the next era of Clarity™. With new hardware, software and capabilities, FSG bridges the gap between legacy systems and emerging technologies.

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Future Ready- Clarity™ communicates with the newest wireless protocols and as technologies evolve, Clarity™ expands its abilities. As new IoT applications and technologies emerge, Clarity™ is there to rise to the challenge.

Modern Interface- Clarity™ now offers a user interface with increased visibility and access. Customizable views allow you to drill in on individual sites or out to worldwide levels to analyze trends and make informed adjustments.

Flexible Gateway- FSG has added a flexible IoT gateway to the Clarity™ solution that connects legacy systems, sensors and modern devices. This gateway is smaller, faster, more secure and boasts more memory.

In addition, FSG Energy has also started the “Works with Clarity™” Partner Program. This program allows FSG bring even more solutions that meet the high expectations of our customers by bringing the devices and systems of partner companies into the Clarity™ fold.

FSG Energy is set to unveil the next era of Clarity™ to the general public on Tuesday, Oct. 3. In addition, FSG Energy will be displaying the new gateway and interface at the EEI National Key Accounts Workshop on Oct. 8-11.

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