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FSG Learning Debuts its First ‘Train the Trainer’ Workshop

Tony McMaron and Jessica Miller, members of FSG’s Learning & Development team, organized a groundbreaking training workshop in Dallas on June 21st and 22nd. This exclusive event brought together the newly appointed Co-team Leads and Team Leads from National Accounts, with the aim of equipping them with essential soft skills crucial for effective team leadership and coaching. The workshop had a strong emphasis on cultivating a positive culture within FSG, fostering an environment conducive to growth and collaboration.

Tony and Jessica designed the workshop to provide participants with a transformative learning experience. Through engaging discussions, interactive activities, and practical exercises, the attendees were able to explore various aspects of leadership, communication, and team dynamics. The curriculum covered topics such as effective communication strategies, conflict resolution techniques, active listening skills, and providing constructive feedback.

Recognizing the importance of fostering a positive work environment, Tony and Jessica highlighted the significance of cultivating a culture that promotes growth and collaboration. They emphasized the role of leaders in creating an atmosphere where team members feel valued, empowered, and motivated to achieve their best. By sharing best practices and real-world examples, they inspired the participants to adopt a leadership approach that fosters unity, trust, and open communication.

As the workshop concluded, the Co-team Leads and Team Leads left with a renewed sense of purpose and a solid foundation of skills to excel in their roles. Tony and Jessica’s commitment and expertise in designing this workshop showcased their dedication to fostering professional development and cultivating strong leaders within FSG. Their efforts not only provided valuable insights and tools for the participants but also contributed to the overall success and growth of the institution.

Attendee feedback was very positive:

The trainers were both amazing at keeping everyone engaged and staying on the topics at hand. This training was great for me to be able to learn more about how to handle situations, especially while leading a team.

Jessica and Tony were engaging, friendly, and kept us on our toes!

Tony and Jessica did a fantastic job creating and implementing this workshop. One of the best workshops I have been to in my professional career. Great information delivers in an easy-to-digest, active, and fun environment. Very easily could have been “Death by PowerPoint”, but Tony and Jessica made it engaging and fun. I now have the tools needed to go back to my Team and start implementing soft-skill communications to my team.

FSG’s Learning team will continue to expand and enhance its range of training workshops to cater to emerging needs. Review the FSG Learning Calendar to see all upcoming in-person & or virtual trainings. To request training or subjects for virtual training, email [email protected].

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