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Wylie Water Treatment Project

15MVA transformer

by Joey Valladarez, div-30e

Largest fully ozonated water treatment plant in the U.S. 


The Wylie water treatment plant, located just 25 miles outside of Dallas, is currently the largest single site water treatment plant in the state of Texas,  capable of producing 770 million gallons of treated water everyday to its over 1.6 million consumers. 

Upon completion of the project, it will become the largest fully ozonated water treatment plant in the U.S. and the third largest in the world. The scope of the project is to add Ozone gas to the treatment process and significantly limit the chlorine that is used in the water.  

This process not only disinfects the water better than chlorine, but it does it less expensively and is environmentally friendly. It also provides for a better taste and odor than chlorine treatment.  At the end of this 36 month project, there will be two new operations buildings (where the Ozone gas is created) and 6 new Ozone contractor buildings (where the Ozone gas is injected into the water.) 

Electrically, the Operations buildings each demand around 10 Megawatts of power that will be supplied from two onsite substations.  As a part of this project, FSG is providing and installing five substation transformers, 22 pad mount oil filled transformers, four medium voltage switchgear lineups, 11 motor control centers, and of course numerous panels, disconnects etc.

We’ve already received the five substation transformers as shown in these pictures.  The largest one weighs over 135,000 lbs., stands 19 feet tall and was delivered on a truck that was 125’ long and had 13 axles. We are about 10 months into this project and know that we have many challenges ahead of us. 

FSG has a strong team and we’ve spent many years forging a relationship with the owner and GC. We’re confident that our team and our relationship will guide us along the path to success.  I’ll dive more into that and many other things in future articles. 

This is an exciting project so be looking for upcoming articles.

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