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The NAC Newsletter – Q2,2012


There is so much happening here at NAC it is hard to determine where to begin so I’ll start with the new babies.



Baby AnnouncementWe would like to congratulate Cory Rains on the birth of his new adorable little girl. Jessica Osuch has a brand new baby boy. Holly York and Sharon Stauffer are expecting. This is Holly’s first so she is pretty excited. I also just heard Chris Whited is about to become Dad for the second time. He once made the statement that he never wanted any children (prior to his marriage, of course), but I have never seen a Dad more proud than he is. Way to go Chris! I am proud of you! Must be something in the water! Our future generation for NAC one day perhaps. Congratulations to you all!

Wedding AnnouncementsWe have one new wedding announcement. Our receptionist Lauren Chavarria is now Mrs. Lauren Christian. We wish you much happiness. Just don’t drink the water!

Social TimeNAC is proud to announce we have a co-ed softball team called the “Outkasts” and they won their first game with a score of 13 to 9. Congratulations on your big win. I watched them play this week and they are pretty good. I was impressed. Players are Raul Rodriguez, Joe Dressler, Chance Allen, Jamal York, Jimmy Boren, Kristina Stapp, Amy Vasquez, Jennifer Williams and Kristi Barrett in addition to friends and family. We at NAC work hard on a daily basis and need to have a little fun and what a better way to let off a little steam. Keep up the good work! Let’s all go out and support them.

New Team Members: NAC is growing more every day and we welcome all our newcomers, especially Dee Dee Graham as our new Financial Manager. I am sure she will bring a lot of great changes to our billing department and we look forward to working with her.

Other News: I would also like to mention the wonderful training now available to us online and for the ones that have not taken advantage of it I encourage you to do so. I have taken many of the courses and found them to be very informative and easy to understand. Just when I think I have everything figured out in our system I learn something new. It is a continuous learning process and many improvements all the time. Thank you to everyone for providing this service to us to help us do our job better. There is no substitute for education. Be careful what you ask for – you just might get it. Thank you Mr. Graham!

We would also like to thank Deon Snider and Stacy Justice for all their hard work on putting together our new “Standard Work Flow Chart”. That was quite an achievement. We know everyone will benefit from this not only at NAC but also our branches and technicians. Way to go guys!!

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